A Guide for Planning Successful Conferences in Melbourne

Welcome to the Nyssenate Conference Planning Guide website. We created this website to help business men and women plan and organise successful conferences. We’ve been in the conference planning industry for many years, and want to pass our knowledge on to others so they can benefit from a successful event.

There are many different elements and aspects to planning a conference or business event, each of which play an important role for the day. From choosing a venue that suits your guests (especially out-of-towners) to selecting the best catering options to preparing sufficiently for the actual meeting… everything is covered on this website.

The benefits of hosting a well planned conference or business event are great – no only will you impress the boss and fellow colleagues, it can make a great impact on your chances for promotion. Showing great management and organizational skills will always leave a lasting impression on those valuing and reviewing your business qualities.

Conference Event

What’s involved with choosing a conference venue?

The most important part of planning a conference is where it’s located. Without a suitable venue location, the conference can be stressful for both you and the guests. Some of the crucial things to consider when choosing your venue include…

Location – Where is the venue located? Does it have a convenient central location? Is it easily accessible via public transport?

Accommodation – With many conferences there will be people travelling from outside the area to attend it. Having accommodation near by or at the conference venue will make it easier for out-of-towners.

Package deals – Want to keep things easy and deal with just the one company? There are some venues out there which can provide the entire package – venue, catering, accommodation and even event coordinators to organise the event. If you’re in Melbourne and looking for a great package deal for your conference, the Treacy Centre offers a great business meeting venue package.

For more information on venue selection, check out the ‘Choosing a Venue‘ page.

What catering options are best for a conference?

Having the right catering options available at your conference can make a huge impact on the overall success of the event. It’s important to choose catering options that suit both the amount of people there and the length of the conference.

If it’s an all day conference – morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea options will need to be sorted. If the conference is only for a few hours – light finger food, tea and coffee will be ideal.

To cater to those with specific dietary requirements, there’ll need to be vegetarian (and possibly gluten free) options available. See examples of common food allergies here.

For more information on choosing the right food and beverages, check out the ‘Catering Options‘ page.

Conference Catering in Melbourne

How to sufficiently prepare for a conference

Once your conference is planned and organised down to the last detail, you can start concentrating on getting ready for the actual event. You’d be surprised as to how many people show up at a conference unprepared, and end up missing out on getting the most out of the event.

The first thing to do when preparing for a conference is to make sure you have the right office stationery ready with you. If you’re not collecting notes on a laptop or tablet, make sure you have pens, pencils and writing materials – so that you don’t miss a single note! For cheap and funky office supplies in Melbourne, visit the Back Street Shopper website.

For more information on how to get ready, check out the ‘Preparation Tips’ page.


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